Custom Qualitative Research

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Understanding attitudes, need states and core beliefs is crucial to ultimately influencing purchase decisions and establishing product loyalty. NMI has expertise in planning and executing full service qualitative research of any size and methodology and has conducted primary qualitative in more than 20 countries globally.

NMI has a unique range of qualitative research tools including the use of NMI's segmentation algorithms which can be utilized for recruiting and classifying respondents. NMI provides full-service custom qualititative capabilities — from project design, questionnaire development, field management, and in-house data processing.

In addition to consumer qualitative studies, NMI also has expertise in business-to-business, retailer, and professional qualitative such as healthcare practitioners.

NMI's qualitative methodologies include:

  • Group and individual interviews
  • Central location and on-site studies
  • Ethnography, in-home,shop-along, etc.
  • Online communities


NMI has numerous in-house staff with 20+ years of moderation experience representing a depth of knowledge and applications. NMI utilizes a range of tools to drive insights such as language analysis, contextual analysis, laddering, creative exercises, among others.

Topics include:

  • Ingredient/technology platforms
  • Brand equity
  • Brand extension
  • New concept development
  • Message development
  • Social cause programs and marketing campaigns
  • Advertising review
  • Packaging review
  • Food/beverage taste testing

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