Custom Quantitative Research

custom quantitative research

Evaluating client opportunities is in the forefront of NMI's service offerings and a complete examination of the "proof of concept" and "depth of concept" is vital to any strategy.

In addition, the consistent tracking of benchmarks, such as awareness, usage, attitudes, and purchase behaviors, provide essential in-market evaluation that depict the level of success in achieving specific objectives.

NMI provides quantitative services across your enterprise with actionable results, efficiency and cost effectiveness. From market assessment and concept creation through screening, optimization, communications, packaging, web site assessment and customer satisfaction.

NMI provides full-service custom quantitative capabilities — from project design, questionnaire development, field management, in-house data processing and also utilizes a wide range of statistical techniques, such as cross-tabulations, multi-variate analysis, attribute evaluation, conjoint, hierarchical clustering, segmentation, k-means and latent class algorithm testing, iterative positioning, among many other advanced analytics.

Other expertise and methodologies include:

  • Global and country-specific custom quantitative studies
  • Online, mail, in-person, phone, in-store, others
  • Screener studies
  • Annual multi-sponsor projects

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