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NMI has conducted hundreds of projects across health and wellness, sustainability and healthy aging markets. Here are some brief case histories related to our areas of expertise.

New Product Innovation Pipeline

Case Studies: New Product Innovation

Healthy Beverage Concept

Client Task: Develop new ideas for functional beverages across three age targets

Health & Wellness

areasofexpertise healthandwellness

NMI Approach:

  • Consumer insight and trend generation utilizing NMI databases and secondary research
  • Development of new formative platforms/opportunity areas
  • Ideation session with industry experts
  • Quali-quant concept screening among target audiences (LENS)
  • Novel ingredient exploration and science discovery
  • Qualitative refinement of top concepts (focus groups)
  • Quantitative identification of top concept drivers and barriers – concept optimization process (LENS)
  • NMI recommendations for new product launch

Results: New novel products developed and refined for global market implementation

Electric Vehicle Market Simulation Test

Client Task: Quantify interest in electric vehicles (EVs) based on numerous combinations of input variables


areasofexpertise sustainability

NMI Approach:

  • Measure current usage, and related product (i.e., hybrids) usage to establish baseline
  • Develop and field a custom consumer conjoint test that measures interest in EVs based on:
    • Purchase Price
    • Government incentives
    • Distance Traveled on a charge
    • Other variables...
  • Measure perceived barriers to EVs
  • Inclusion of NMI's Sustainability segmentation model to allow for analysis by segment
  • Multi-pronged analysis to:
    • Quantify the potential penetration, over several years, of EVs with different levels and combinations of the variables
    • Identify the optimal consumer target
    • Compare market potential in different geographies
  • NMI development of advanced statistical simulation model
  • NMI recommendations for roll-out

Results: Entry into the marketplace

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