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NMI has conducted hundreds of projects across health and wellness, sustainability and healthy aging markets. Here are some brief case histories related to our areas of expertise.

Corporate Brand Strategy

Client Task: Develop a comprehensive brand strategy to differentiate a nationwide senior living corporation from the competitive landscape and position it as an industry leader

Healthy Aging

areasofexpertise healthyaging

NMI Approach:
  • Review of current communication and messaging platforms, brand identity, and visual icons as well as the competitive landscape
  • Extensive custom analysis from NMI's Healthy Aging Database®
  • Primary quantitative research to confirm attitudes and behaviors across the aging landscape as well as gauge receptivity to various positioning platforms.
  • Custom ethnographic research among 30+ groups in six states to dimensionalize the vision, mission, brand values, offerings, and challenges
  • Primary quantitative research to explore and validate optimal brand strategy approach
  • NMI recommendations for development of a long-term brand strategy

Results: Current branding strategy being implemented via a multi-phased approach across the entire corporation

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