NMI President Maryellen Molyneaux Honored with 2011 Brava Award

Harleysville, PA – August,2011: Maryellen Molyneaux, founder and President of Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), a Harleysville-based market research and business consulting firm, was honored recently with a Brava Award for her achievements as a leader, marketer, and role model among female executives in the Philadelphia area. Over 250 nominations were submitted with 25 selected as final honorees.

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NMI Trend for 2011: Show Me the Proof

The past 30 years of unbridled consumerism and access to information and technology has created a highly discerning and sophisticated consumer. No longer satisfied with claims made by a manufacturer or service provider, skeptical consumes are now demanding impartial proof and third party verification. Government, industry, non-profits and other entities are all trying to capture consumers' consciousness.

This ranges from the need for clinical proof across many health-related consumer packaged goods to a growing number of environmental seals and certifications to align with planetary health. The issue for 2011 will be which seals and certifications will emerge with the most legitimacy and authority.

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NMI Trend for 2011: It’s a Complicated Life

The complexity of today's life brought on by information overload, message bombardment, too many choices and conflicting media messages is flying in the face of consumers' desire to remove the layers and get at the "core"... the core value, core nutrition, core components of what constitutes a meaningful life.

It's no longer about having it all – it's about having the right things. It's about demanding more transparency and a clearer view of how a product or service truly fits with our value system and our definition of ourselves even as we continually redefine ourselves.

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