"Thanks SOO much for the great work and presentation today to the DW team here! The team was engaged and listening and jotting notes. We shared a LOT with them in two hours and we will all need time to digest it and dig into the deck but you planted some good thought-starter seeds for future innovation and opportunities."

Manager Consumer Insights, Fortune 500 Conventional Brands

"Natural Marketing Institute has been an instrumental partner in helping us understand our core consumer target in a way that goes beyond what you might gather from a typical point in time segmentation study. Combining primary proprietary research with additional insights from the Institute’s rich health and wellness database has been a critical resource as we defined our go-forward brand strategy."

CEO, Global Snack Food Company

"Your presentation from Sustainable Brands-London was extremely interesting, relevant and my personal favorite of the day!"

Communications Manager, Rainforest Alliance

"I'm a big fan of Natural Marketing Institute and LOHAS; your organization and your LOHAS data for 10 years opened my eyes about segmenting sustainable consumers!"

Deputy Program Manager, U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA)

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation at our annual conference. I was so glad to be in the audience for your session because I thought it was one of the best presentations we have presented over the years for understanding the dietary supplement consumer. Your remarks on the importance of segmentation and how to analyze those purchase motivations were truly insightful and meaningful for our attendees. I'm also thankful for your participation in our panel discussion. Thanks again for being such a valuable part of our conference."

President & CEO

"Basically Natural Marketing Institute is the top research company for health and sustainability."

"The Natural Marketing Institute team brings a unique perspective regarding the health and wellness landscape that has added significant value to our initiatives. We have found their consultative expertise, powered by the strength of their data and information, to be a truly differentiated resource."

"Thanks very much for all you do to organize and orchestrate a study of this magnitude. Please convey my utmost appreciation and admiration to your team for their creativity, skill, technical abilities, and commitment to this project. You are the best in the business."

"This highly capable group of experts conducts rigorous studies focused on the well-being of people and products, and the environmentally and socially responsible sustainability of the planet. They are responsive, reliable, inventive, service-oriented, and relentless in their pursuit of facts and learnings. Not only that, but they are also a pleasure to work with!"

"I heard them give a presentation at LOHAS a couple of years ago. It was loaded with insight into this market and has influenced my thinking about the space ever since. Many of my industry associates regard NMI's work as the gold standard."

"I can personally attest to NMI's credentials. They run a tight ship - I used the Natural Marketing Institute organization a lot when I was at M&M/Mars."

"I worked with them for years and found them very insightful."

"It is an excellent, professional group. I have used their research to positive impact."

"I have seen many of their reports and they are filled with great information. In general, I would highly recommend the organization."

"Your research and reporting [on renewable energy] was hugely informative, and gave us some interesting facts to take to our clients."