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Adherence and Engagement eHandbook Overview:

This offering brings together decades of clinical and psychological research and Segmedica’s twenty-year program of research into personality and healthcare behaviors.

The result is a global reference and training product designed for pharma marketing and HEOR groups to support their studies and adherence programs.

We help you understand the true drivers of non-adherence, how to identify patient types that will respond to adherence programs and how different elements of the healthcare system worldwide need to come together to solve the adherence problem.

Adherence is the last frontier of pharma market development. In the US alone the adherence shortfall from just an 80% compliance rate costs the industry $200 billion each year. At the same time, the US pharma industry spends $10 billion per year in DTC advertising and programs, almost entirely to acquire new patients, not to retain them.

What are the costs to providers, plans, PBMs, employers, and other stakeholders?

Practical access problems can be addressed by practical solutions. These problems, however, often just screen the deeper reasons why patients are not adherent. One size does not fit all, and education and information do not change behaviors in unmotivated people. Even if drugs were mailed to patients' homes completely free of charge, many would still not take them as directed.

Join the ConnexionPoints Adherence and Engagement Program to tune up your patient support efforts and HEOR studies.


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Enterprise Licensing Details:

The Complete Adherence and Engagement eHandbook – $5,000 USD

Includes PPT of eHandbook for internal network usage across one company brand/location. License also comes with an online presentation.

Additional Adherence and Engagement Training and Consulting Services

Online Adherence and Engagement Self-Study Course – $199 USD

Five modules included:

  • Introduction to adherence and compliance, definitions, key issues, important trends in healthcare
  • The psychology of adherence and persistence – personality types and their roles, worldview, cultural and geopolitical issues
  • Behavioral psychology – an introduction to the main published behavioral models
  • Case studies in the literature and what we can learn from them
  • Strategies for effective programs


Online Adherence and Engagement Masterclass – $5,000 USD

  • Conducted live online
  • Customized to specific companies and objectives


Ad Hoc Adherence and Engagement Consulting – Request a Quote

  • Consulting on program design and testing


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