Consumer Engagement with Alternative Healthcare Services

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Consumer Engagement with Alternative Healthcare Services Overview:

Almost every life has been touched and is certainly changing lifestyles and habits like never before. In this unique personality-driven market research report, data from qualitative research and psychological analytical methods provide deep insights into this changing world and what opportunities may lie ahead for you.

COVID-19 has forced patients and medical facilities to expand telehealth and other alternative means of medical interaction. This means that the large number of patients who were not comfortable with telehealth and digital interactions before are now getting used to them. But will this last beyond COVID-19?

This ConnexionPoints® report defines the psychology of comfort/discomfort with telehealth and digital healthcare interactions and provides valuable information for managing and marketing these services for maximum effect.

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This is part of a series produced by Segmedica® which investigates the differences in health behaviors and outlooks between consumers using our proprietary personality segmentation – PersonaSmart. The report focuses on how personality may influence consumer approaches to the COVID-19 health crisis and will provide key insights into those differences in outlook as well as effective messaging tactics.


  • SelfInspire®, Segmedica’s unique self-managing groups
  • OnTheWall online community of consumers from our panel of psychologically profiled respondents
  • Online survey from our panel
  • PersonaSmart personality-driven personas


We describe opportunities for food and beverage, supplements, retail grocery and pharmacy, food service, and hospitality.

Enterprise Licensing Detail:

Full Report: $2,500 USD Order Report

Includes PPT of full report for internal network usage across one company brand/location. License also comes with an online report presentation.