Changing Behaviors in the Face of a Global Health Crisis (Health and Wellness Edition)

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Changing Behaviors in the Face of a Global Health Crisis (Health and Wellness Edition)

This study applies Segmedica’s groundbreaking PersonaSmart™ personality-based tools to understand consumers’ response to COVID-19.


People react according to who they are, not their immediate situation. However shocked, stressed, or anxious, consumers are on this unexpected and uncertain course of events. They will return to their base personality when it comes to making decisions. This means that we can robustly predict their decision-making processes and know-how to influence them.


Focusing on decision-making, the report provides deep insights into how consumers are responding to the COVID-19 health crisis and covers a range of behaviors including shopping, eating habits, healthy lifestyle changes, and much more.


The study is based on primary research, qualitative and quantitative. It has a hard core of data demonstrating the different approaches of each personality type with insightful qualitative findings.


If you need to understand the behaviors of consumers, you will find this report very valuable.


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  • OnTheWall™ online community of consumers from our panel of psychologically profiled respondents
  • Online survey from our panel
  • PersonaSmart™ personality-driven personas



We describe opportunities for food and beverage, supplements, retail grocery and pharmacy, food service, and hospitality.



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