Telepsychiatry in the Age of COVID-19

Telepsychiatry in the Age of COVID-19

Telepsychiatry in the Age of COVID-19

The pandemic has introduced more people to telepsychiatry while also increasing levels of anxiety and even panic among patients. This study draws on the experiences of patients with a range of conditions and psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors to explore the benefits and pitfalls of taking mental health treatment online.


By applying our PersonaSmart™ personality-based personas, we can see how different personalities perceive mental health treatments very differently and react differently to the opportunities offered to them.


This report is an up-to-date view of telepsychiatry and the impact of the pandemic. If you need to understand the trends in this field, you will find this report very valuable.


Telepsychiatry in the Age of COVID-19 toc



  • Web assisted interviews with patients and a variety of healthcare professionals combined with our understanding of human health psychology
  • PersonaSmart™ personality-driven personas



We describe the drivers and barriers to the use of telepsychiatry during the COVID-19 pandemic and how concerns can be effectively managed.



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