Millennials and Nutrition

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Millennials and Nutrition Overview:

The 80+ million strong Millennial generation and the oldest of the Gen Z group just reaching adulthood have very different views on food and nutrition than older generations. This report and chart pack define their attitudes, beliefs, intentions and opportunities to engage with them.

The Millennial Generation is sub-divided into two new segments. Each has a very different Nutrition Worldview than its predecessors.

  • Two sub-segments identified and profiled
  • Nutrition Worldview - a unique concept that provides action-oriented findings
  • Actionable insights you can use today
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The report is based on information from our main study in this area, Millennials and Health-Wellness, and new primary research that includes an Online Community and an Online Survey. The report is offered with a separately priced chart pack covering all the data in the survey.

Enterprise Licensing Details:

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Full Report $4,500 Order Report

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