Chronic Pain: The Patient Journey

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Chronic Pain Patient Journey Overview:

A comprehensive and strategic review of the US Patient Journey in Chronic Orthopedic, Idiopathic, and Neuropathic Pain (including Diabetic Nerve Pain), this study also covers the rapidly changing marketplace regarding treatment with opioids.

The study covers qualitative and ethnographic primary research with patients and healthcare providers including Orthopods, Endocrinologists, PCPs, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Therapeutic Touch/Reiki Therapists.

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Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:

  • Fully and graphically documents the chronic pain journey in the current environment of opioid and fully narcotic concerns
  • Understand what prompts the transition from short-acting to long-acting opioid treatment for patients
  • Better understand the patient movements from primary care to pain management and how the patients cycle through treatment options
  • Understand the role of stigma and fear in treatment choices
  • Examine patient perceptions of products and seeks to determine patient types in this difficult to categorize area
  • Develop an understanding of other common diagnoses that go along with the patient's chronic pain - i.e. Does depression and anxiety come with the chronic pain? Before? After?


  • This report dives into the lives of patients with chronic pain and examines how those treatment plans may lead to opioid use. With the rise of opioid addiction, a thorough understanding of these patients is critical knowledge when looking to intervene or reduce the opioid crisis.
  • Many of these patients struggle with the resources available to them and are looking for other treatment options. There are many opportunities for companies to provide those other options for these patients in need.
  • Non-pharmacological options are being explored in addition to a medication regime. The increased interest in natural health and wellness and the fear of addiction lead to an opportunity for non-pharma companies to help chronic pain patients.

Enterprise Licensing Details:

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