Type 2 Diabetes: The Patient Journey

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Type 2 Diabetes Patient Journey Overview:

Type 2 Diabetes affects approximately 8.5% of the global adult population and is the seventh leading cause of death from disease in the United States. It is a difficult condition that requires significant lifestyle changes and regular medical treatment. Patients vary in their reactions and this report follows the different types of patients through their journey with the condition. Due to the prevalence and severity of this condition, there are many opportunities to reach out to an audience that would be willing to listen and need help.

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Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:

  • Enhanced insights into a complex disease that affects a large portion of the global population
  • Varied perspectives on the disease from physicians to patients
  • A patient journey detailing the stages and inflexion points in the journey.


  • With so many people affected by this disease and even more that know someone affected, there is a large audience and market for supportive products.
  • Many of those diagnosed still struggle with proper management of the disease and need professional guidance. This report outlines some of the many ways companies can assist people with Type 2 Diabetes with management.
  • Physicians and patients alike require assistance when dealing with the difficulties of Type 2 Diabetes. There are many opportunities for companies to step in and help diabetic patients and the physicians that treat them in a medical setting.

Enterprise Licensing Details:

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