Migraine: The Patient Journey


Migraine: The Patient Journey

This report tells the full and intimate story of Migraines in the US as experienced patients, caregivers, and providers. Acquiring this report will deepen your knowledge of the condition’s impact on patients, treatment decisions, and beliefs.


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Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:

  • Enhanced insights into the patient journey
  • Understanding the language of providers and patients as an aid to market communications
  • Educating team members, sales representatives, senior management, and agency partners
  • Opportunities to support and interact with patient base


Real Results:

  • Video-Rich Studies – Segmedica’s video-rich and revealing patient journey study includes contributions from patients, providers, including headache specialists, Neurologists, and Internal Medicine.
  • Webcam Diaries – All the patients took part in an OnTheWall™ Online Community, and many of them contributed webcam diaries and uploads to the community, with webcam interviews, in-home ethnographies, and individual interviews with providers and simulated physician-patient interactions.
  • Innovative Format – The main report includes a full patient flow chart, many video clips, and outputs from patient webcam diaries, online community tasks, and projects. The 106 double-wide format pages are full of insights and information.


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