Obesity: The Patient Journey

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Obesity Patient Journey Overview:

According to the CDC, 37% of US adults and 17% of children and adolescents are obese in the US, and those rates have been increasing for the past two decades. Obesity is a personal struggle that affects millions of patients every day in just about every aspect of their lives, and many consumers affected with this condition have tried multiple methods of weight management in the past. These consumers are looking for new possibilities and for more awareness about the severity of their condition.

This report dives deep into the lives of those patients to understand their daily struggles from their perspective. There are many opportunities to increase awareness, education, and support for these individuals. With this report, your company can lead the charge to address this growing crisis and develop strategies for influencing decisions made about their treatment.




Companies purchasing this report will benefit in many ways, including:

  • Enhanced insights into the consumer journey through life with this condition
  • Understanding the challenges of this growing market
  • Opportunities to improve selling, marketing, and general awareness to this group
  • Understanding how the consumer interacts with and perceives their physicians
  • An increased understanding of this condition and how consumers may become obese


  • This market is in need of direction and assistance and is, therefore, a receptive audience for a range of potential solutions.
  • Obesity awareness can happen anywhere from doctor’s offices, to schools, to workplaces, to outside advertising like billboards.
  • Consumers dealing with obesity are willing to try new strategies for weight loss so companies are able to be creative with new methods.

Enterprise Licensing Details:

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