2021-2022 Brand Tracker Study


  • Ask consumers about your brand as well as your competitors

  • Measure the usage incidence across all channels

  • Track trends, areas of interest or measure the impact of your marketing activities by monitoring changes over time

  • Monitor and track awareness/brand conversion rates

  • Analyze cross-usage, trends and much more!

Demographic Insights: Determine a comprehensive, detailed view of all key demographic metrics to identify similarities and differences

Competitive Intelligence: Quantify and track vital metrics on your competition to develop specific insights for tactics and strategies

  • Measure your consumer composition through the lens of Natural Marketing Institute’s Health & Wellness Segmentation Model

  • Track a range of health-related topics in the ever-changing wellness market space to identify upcoming trends, new opportunities and market entry strategies

For more information on our brand tracker study, please contact Steve French, Senior Vice President.