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With The Institute's Organic Segmentation

The Institute Organic Segmentation Model

Consumers incorporate healthy behaviors in their lives in many different ways, at varying levels, and for different reasons. Organizations of all types need to understand today's organic consumer as this thriving marketplace continues to mainstream and grow.

The NielsenIQ Company has partnered with Natural Marketing Institute to provide in-depth insights into consumer purchasing as it relates to organic by overlaying actual purchase data onto The Institute's Organic Consumer framework.


Segmenting Consumers

The Institute's analysis of the U.S. population's attitudes and behaviors regarding organic product usage has long indicated that there are clearly identifiable segments
relative to perceptions about organic products and their usage.

The Institute's Organic Segmentation is the first and only consumer insight tool to measure and trend the organic marketplace classifying the U.S. population into one of four mutually exclusive segments: DEVOTEDS, TEMPERATES, DABBLERS AND RELUCTANTS.

  • Over 50,000 Homescan households are scored to the 4 mutually exclusive Institute segments
  • Ongoing collaboration since 2007
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Key Benefits:

Increasing numbers of consumers perceive organic foods and beverages as safer, healthier, more nutritious, fresher and tastier than conventional products. Organic users are becoming more deeply integrated into the market, expanding category usage and using them more often.

Scoring NielsenIQ Homescan to the Institute's Organic Segmentation

Homescan panelists are now scored into the four Organic Institute segments.

This segmentation allows you to quantify the segments on actual purchase behavior such as:

  • Category and brands purchased including trial and repeat purchasing and brand switching patterns
  • Retail channels and retailers shopped including key measures of shopping frequency and basket ring

The linkage also includes NielsenIQ Spectra Behavior Scape framework, which enables more precise consumer targeting based on retailer/store trade area profiles,TV viewing preferences, magazine readership and newspaper/FSI form subscription.

The Organic Segments can now be accessed beyond the Homescan suite of products via integration through SLMS.

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