COVID Impact on Health & Sustainability

covid impact


We all know the coronavirus has shifted health & wellness consumer behavior, engagement with sustainability initiatives and, in fact, has impacted every element of whole living. The questions are, as the virus rages on, what behavior shifts appear to be entrenched? What might these behaviors look like when we return to the new normal? What is shaping this redefinition of everyday living?


Natural Marketing Institute has developed a one-of-a-kind approach for measuring behavior change when consumers return to some sort of normalcy. Overall, Natural Marketing Institute will have trended, quantitative research among 7,000+ General Population U.S. adults. More importantly, the trended research was/will be conducted over a 2-year span, allowing for a longitudinal look at where we were, where we went, and where we’re going.

Using Natural Marketing Institute’s annual tracking studies from 2019 across health and sustainability as the pre-COVID baseline, additional research was conducted in April 2020 (Wave 1) and October 2020 (Wave 2).

New research will be conducted in May 2021 (Wave 3) and October 2021 (Wave 4). In the end, five quantified points in time will identify changes that are likely to become part of “post-pandemic life” that will identify strategic implications across industries. This work will help organizations chart a path forward for strategic growth in 2022 and beyond.

And, there’s an opportunity for your organization to become involved by adding your own proprietary questionnaire content and receiving a range of customized deliverables including reports, data tables, and strategic consultation.

Come explore tomorrow’s trends today!

Specific Areas of Research Focus:

  • How far will consumers go to ensure their health?
  • What is believable? What’s not?
  • Will cost force a trade-off of health & wellness claims?
  • Will natural/organic become luxury?
  • How will CPG product drivers change?
  • How will health versus indulgent priorities change?
  • What will happen with specific health issues such as stress, anxiety, etc.?
  • Will financial concerns mark a trade-off of environmental behaviors?
  • Will social and environmental sustainability have new emphasis?
  • Will this be a time of reflection where people solidify their eco-values and stand behind them?
  • Will this be a time of inflection where behaviors take new and unexpected paths?

Research Scope for Each Wave:

  • 1,000 General Population sample each wave; balanced on key demographics
  • The research will include a range of targeted topics and our proprietary segmentation models, including Health & Wellness, Sustainability, and PersonaSmart™

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