Aug 13

NMI releases 2013 USA Trends in Healthy Aging Report: A Multi-Generation Perspective

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HARLEYSVILLE, PA. August 1, 2013 - Research conducted by NMI, a strategic global consulting, market research, and business development company spanning over 23 countries, confirms and details the concept of Healthy Aging, once exclusive to Boomers and Matures, is now embraced across the entire demographic spectrum.

This groundbreaking report shows how Healthy Aging has become the new cultural currency, transcending money, fame and power.  From Botox treatments for women in their 20’s to the growth in aging-related products and services, agelessness has become a cultural preoccupation. Many health issues that once only affected older people, such as obesity and diabetes, have reached epidemic proportions among younger generations.

Healthy aging is no longer singularly focused on physical health – the management of money, healthcare, media consumption, caregiving, technology, senior living and much more will infiltrate the lifestyles of all generations as they cross a broad array of new businesses and industries. 

In today’s 24/7 world, with its quick-paced lifestyle and overwhelming pressure to stay competitive, even the young feel vulnerable, whereas they once considered themselves invincible.

  • Millennials are showing significantly increased engagement in the healthy aging market
  • Gen X continues to search for new ways to embrace healthy aging, but are being driven to solutions that may not meet their needs as they are wedged between two of the largest demographic groups.
  • Boomers continue their quest for individuality, yet are struggling with the ‘perception versus reality’ of getting older                  
  • Matures have settled into their lifestyle, and in many ways, show contentment

NMI has conducted its Healthy Aging USA survey since 2005, concluding its most recent study in the Spring of 2013, which was fielded online and included a representative sample of more than 3600 U.S. consumers. Balanced to U.S. Census data across key demographics, gender/age/income/education/region/race, statistically significant at the 95% confidence level to +/- 1.5%, and conducted via online research methodology.

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SOURCE: NMI’s Healthy Aging USA Consumer Trends Database®

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