Aug 11

NMI President Maryellen Molyneaux Honored with 2011 Brava Award

Harleysville, PA – August,2011: Maryellen Molyneaux, founder and President of Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), a Harleysville-based market research and business consulting firm, was honored recently with a Brava Award for her achievements as a leader, marketer, and role model among female executives in the Philadelphia area. Over 250 nominations were submitted with 25 selected as final honorees.

Ms. Molyneaux entered the health and wellness arena in the 1970s as the owner of several health food stores. During her years as a successful retailer and later as a consultant to supermarkets, Molyneaux noticed a void within the industry. With the health and wellness market mainstreaming, Fortune 500 companies needed to understand the fit for their brands within this quickly expanding market and consumer data was not available. NMI was started to provide companies with the consumer insight and data needed to be successful within health and wellness.

Today, NMI has become well known for its extensive consumer databases, now with more than 13 years of data across more than 500,000 consumers worldwide. These databases examine consumer attitudes and behaviors within health, wellness, sustainability and healthy aging. NMI's information and expertise within these areas of specialty, including consumer segmentation insights, have become the currency within the marketplace for corporations looking at targeting and marketing to a growing consumer base.

Two years after starting NMI, Molyneaux was diagnosed with breast cancer. "Having cancer gave me permission to enjoy life and to re-focus my attention on my faith, my family and myself. This was a powerful lesson that affects my business ethics today," commented Molyneaux. Molyneaux is a 20-year survivor and has counseled others, including employees and clients, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

According to Molyneaux, "The Brava award is icing on the cake for me — both on a professional and personal level. At NMI, I get tremendous pleasure from seeing our teams help their clients or from being personally involved in an exciting project. Outside of the workplace, I find fulfillment within my church as lay counselor and event organizer. To enjoy what I do and then to be recognized for it with the Brava award is confirmation of having made the right choices."

The annual Brava Women Business Achievement Awards celebrate female CEOs, founders, presidents, owners and executive directors who combine their entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for giving back to the Philadelphia community.

For more information, contact Nancy White at 215.513.7300, ext. 225 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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